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WOW Your Audience!
6-Week Intensive

Tuesday, July 16, 2024 @ 7:00 pm EST

Start Date
Tuesday, July 23, 2024 @ 7 pm EST

Virtual Graduation & Speaker Launch
Tuesday, September 10, 2024 @ 7:00 pm EST


Join Coach P for the power-packed “WOW Your Audience 6 Week Intensive” to unleash the POWER OF YOUR VOICE!

Get clear on your message, package your story and get in position to deliver concise and irresistibly captivating presentations with unmatched passion and confidence! 

Your BUSINESS journey begins and ends with your INTRODUCTION.

🌟Your SUCCESS starts and stops with your MESSAGE & DELIVERY!

💡 Join the “WOW Your Audience 6 Week Intensive” to get


In order to stay ready, YOU absolutely MUST GET READY!

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You will have:

The exact formula to craft your messages that speak directly to your clients and can turn into real revenue! 💰

A new level of confidence and ability to effortlessly articulate who you serve, what you do, and how you deliver value with impact and ease! 💥

Your ideal clients will instantly understand what you offer and how you can transform their lives!😅



After you meet someone for the first time and share your name, what is the first question they ask?  Typically, it is, “What do you do?” 


As a coach, it is critically important to share who you serve, how you serve and what you can deliver. It must be absolutely memorable!


In the Power Pitch Segment, you will learn:


  1. How to get clear on who you serve, their pain points and desires.

  2. How to articulate your deliverables with impact.

  3. How to connect to your ideal clients with The 30 Second Power Pitch Framework.



There is nothing like hearing a moving story that resonates with your life and experiences.  As a coach, the ability to tell your story is priceless!!!  At the end of the day, people want to work with people they KNOW, LIKE & TRUST.   Your story is the absolute best way to establish this!  Get ready to captivate your audience and make them want to know more about you and ultimately, work with you.  You tell your story every time you take the microphone online or on stages, in Discovery Calls or when you are hired to speak.  Your story is your lifeline and connects people to you!


In this Power Story Segment, you will learn:


  1. How to unpack your life’s experiences and capture those moments that directly align with your message and mission.

  2. How to deliver a captivating story that makes your audience fall in love with you.

  3. How to craft your story using the secret sauce “4-Part Power Story Framework.”



When a speaking opportunity presents itself, are you in position?  Do you have your speaker collateral readily available to make hiring you a quick and easy decision? Is your message well thought out and structured in a way to deliver the intended impact?  Is your presentation ready to go?  If you answered anything other than “YES” to any of the questions above, what are you waiting for?  You need the “WOW Your Audience 6 Week Intensive!” 


By the time you complete the program, you will have:


  1. A well-crafted and power-packed, yet concise and compelling presentation.

  2. A well-developed message, precise deliverables and attractive PowerPoint Slides that keep you on track and make it easy for your audience to follow.

  3. A well-rounded arsenal of public speaking tools to equip you with everything you need to engage and captivate your audience.

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  • 6 Weeks of Coaching, Training & Development 

  • 90-Minute Weekly Sessions 

  • PowerPoint Slide Template

  • Power Pitch (Elevator Pitch) Framework

  • Story Creation Framework

  • Public Speaking Tools & Tips

  • Accountability

  • Role Play & Practice Sessions


  • Get clear on your target audience

  • Attract ideal clients with simple yet impactful messaging

  • Embrace the power of your voice and become a confident speaker

  • Deliver your “Power Pitch” with confidence when someone asks, “What is it that you do?”

  • Articulate your “Power Story” with power, passion and persuasion

  • Present a well crafted “Power Signature Talk”  

  • Create a “Golden Ticket Trifecta” - Make your ideal clients “KNOW, LIKE & TRUST” YOU!

  • Market, Sell, and Grow Clients NOW

Special Price Investment $1997 ($6,000 Value)
excluding taxes & processing fee


Coach Carol Davis

Grief & Loss Coach

Davis Legacy Co

“This has been a journey of discovery for me. When you know God has placed purpose in you, and you’re unable to give birth, it’s frustrating. I needed support to bring the vision to fruition. And oh my goodness! I found that support and expertise in Coach P and her team!  The expertise Coach P “pours” into each student is invaluable. She gives 100 percent-plus to her students.  You have the assurance of working with experts that care about your vision.  It’s like they are an extension of you!”


Elder Gwen Cohen

Purpose Coach

The Prophet's Voice

“For years I wondered what I was supposed to do with all the gifts and talents God blessed me with. Though I've been successful, to me it all seemed so scattered and disjointed.  Coach P has guided me in taking the gifts God has graciously given, wrapping them in a beautiful package and presenting them excellently. I cannot thank her enough. Her personality, her persistence, and her program are worth more than you could imagine or pay. Do it now! Don't hesitate!”


Coach Zaundra Wimberley

Career Transition Coach

Dreamz Enterprises

"Coach P, I have participated in programs before, but what makes yours a stand out is that you care about your clients. Your attention to detail, patience and empathy coupled with your professionalism confirmed that I had signed up for the right coach. I left your Academy with the tools needed to launch my coaching program. I left knowing that I was going to be successful!"


Speaker One Sheet

Special Price Investment $1997 ($6,000 Value)
excluding taxes & processing fee

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