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What 56 Years Have Taught Me

You are looking at a woman who is blessed beyond measure and truly humbled to have received over 500 plus birthday wishes on FB, calls, cards, gifts, text messages and many beautiful renditions of my birthday song.

I took some time to capture one lesson for each year of my life and I would like to share them with you.

A Relationship with God is Most Important

1. A relationship with God is one of the most important relationships I can ever have.

2. The next most important relationship is with myself…loving me and taking care of me is

my primary responsibility in life. When I look in the mirror, I absolutely must love who I


3. Every day I open my eyes is a blessing from God and another opportunity to carry out the

purpose He has assigned to me

4. Health is my #1 priority. If my health is compromised, so is everything else in and around


5. The Lord is so great and greatly to be praised! He gives all of us choices and options on

how we go about this life. Our job is to choose wisely…and He even gives us wisdom to

do so when we ask and are open to receive. How incredible is that?

6. The toughest part about choices is knowing which one to make. However, the Lord

doesn’t leave us hanging; the closer we get to Him, the easier it is to make the right

choices for ourselves.

7. Emotional Management is the key to living a more intentional and balanced life. I wish I

had learned this in my teens.

8. Keep your circles tight and nurture relationships that matter most.

9. Character development is not taught enough but it is the single most defining element

that determines our level of influence, impact and how well we feel or think about

ourselves. To top it all off…we have 100% control over it!

10. If you hurt, feel violated or taken advantage of…. SAY SO!

11. Everyone has a perspective and opinion and should be respected. Smile because you

never know who might need it.

12. My way is not always the right way…dogfoot! LOL

13. I don’t have to be perfect. I don’t have to be perfect. I don’t have to be perfect.

14. Perfection is the enemy of progress.

15. Treasure and make the most of each day with my family and friends. Take time for

laughter! It's good for the soul!

Education is Important But Life is The Best Teacher

16. Education is important but life is the best teacher.

17. Relationships work much better when you understand who you are first and your non-


18. There are 7 essential areas to a human being (Psychological, Intellectual, Emotional,

Financial, Physical, Social & Spiritual). If one area is compromised, so are all the rest.

19. My value is not in what I have but who I am.

20. Material things are fleeting but matters of the heart, matter most.

21. Anyone can have children but raising them with great character and teaching them how

to be the best they can be is a whole different level of dedication, commitment and


22. At the end of the day, I am my only true competition.

23. At 40, you may need glasses…try not to go to the eye doctor on your 40th birthday or be

in denial and throw your eyeglass prescription in the “C-file;" you will end up needing a

stronger prescription. LOL

24. At 50, you need to face the fact that gravity has come to play and you gotta work harder

to keep winning the game.

25. Pour your best into your children BUT keep enough for yourself to live your best life

because there is LIFE after raising children.

26. Remain in preparation mode so when God blesses you with more, you can handle it.

27. I am not everybody’s cup of tea….AND IT IS OKAY!

28. For everyone who has been challenged by my presence and I have realized it; I ask

myself what part did I play in the challenge and correct it if I deem it necessary. If not, I

understand that the challenged people face a battle within themselves and; therefore,

are none of my concern.

Everybody Does Not Have The Same Capacity

29. Everybody doesn’t have the same capacity; recognize it and LEAVE IT BE. I can’t fix

anybody nor help everybody. Those tasks belong to the Lord.

30. It’s OK not to know everything.

31. Time management is one of the most important skills to master and it takes discipline

and time to learn. I am still a work in progress. So, word to the youngins…master it while

you are young, you will fair much better in life, build better relationships and close more


32. People really do come into your life for a reason, season, or lifetime. Our job is to pray for

discernment, be wise in our selection process, fight for those who you know should stay

and be willing to let go if they do not make the cut.

33. Financial management is another critical life skill. Learn it while you are young and your

life will be what you desire it to be.

34. When you are blessed with so many ideas, select one at a time, develop it wide and

deep, see it thru, give it time to take root, grow it, nurture it and then move to the next


How We Do One Thing Is How We Do Everything & Everything After That

35. How we do one thing is how we do everything and everything after that.

36. When our children are young, we parent them but when they reach the age of adulthood,

we become their coach which means we coach and not parent; it means we ask more

questions and encourage them to find or create the answers for themselves.

37. Recognize when it is time to close the chapter to relationships, situations, and

circumstances; THEN LET GO AND DO IT!  If not, I compromise myself, my

relationships; my impact is weakened and my character will be at risk.

38. Growing up, we were taught to go to school to get a good job.  Today, it is all about

creating one because nothing is guaranteed.

39. Listening is a wonderful communication tool when I listen to actually hear versus

listening only to form a rebuttal or express my own opinion.

40. Do not take everything personal, not everything is about me.

41. Learn to see the beauty in everything and everyone, regardless of how they see me. Yes,

Please & Thank You are three magical words; they have and always will take you far.

42. Know my numbers: Health, Finance & Business…. numbers never lie.

43. Friends can sometimes be more like family when they allow me to be who I am and not

judge me or impose their expectations on me; they simply accept me for who, what and

the way I am.

44. Marriage is absolutely wonderful when both people want it and are willing to work for it.

Be Focused In Life But Do Not Be So Focused You Miss Life

45. Be focused in life but do not be so focused you miss life.46. Past mistakes are just that…

mistakes of the past…learn from them, grow from them and leave them in the past. I am

not my past and my past can never be my future, not unless I allow it to be.

47. It’s a chore to learn how to just be myself but it is so worth it.

48. There is nothing that can compare to creating something from nothing; especially when

that something has the potential to help others and show me what I am made of. It takes


49. Medicine and doctors have their places; however, I must absolutely take control of my

own health by doing my own research for natural alternatives, create a protocol for

myself based on my genetics and issues, discipline myself to follow my protocol and


50. Never lower my standards; there are people waiting in the wings to do it for me.

51. Never stop learning; every moment can be a lesson and every lesson can change my life

for the better.

52. Caregiving is one of the most humbling, beautiful and selfless acts I can ever do and it is

a great honor and blessing to care for the human being who cared for me.

53. Everything happens for a reason and my mission is to find out what that reason is. If not,

it will be revealed by and by.

54. My mind is the greatest tool I will ever have: I must do my best to nurture it, grow it,

protect it, be gentle and be kind to it. It is through the mind; I see the abundance of life

and opportunity or the lack thereof. Take nothing for granted, be intentional about living

my life on purpose; and focus more on my personal growth than I do on other people’s

issues. Only then will my tool be sharpened.

55. There are stages to my development in this life:

Stage 1(16 - 30): Defined me as a woman

Stage 2 (30 - 50): Refined me as a woman and I discovered my rhythm

Stage 3 (50 + ): Simply Be HER, own all of HER, the good, not so good, the beautiful,

ugly and indifferent; continue to dance to the beat of HER own drum, speak life over

HER and tell HER:  “It’s okay to take a moment but Keep moving’ve got a

long way to go!!!”56. True love will find me when my heart and mind are ready to receive


57. To be continued…

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