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Focus On Your Core In 2024 Reset Challenge!

3 Day Reset Challenge
7:00 pm EST | February 27-29, 2024

In this FREE 3 Day Bootcamp, we'll help you create a yearly !blueprint for your coaching business, providing essential tools to reach your goals and a focused plan for your core priorities in 2024


You will be able to:

Day 1 - Reflect, Recap, Reset 

Coach P will guide you through a review of 2023, helping you reflect on key aspects, recap your experiences, and reset your strategy. Gain insights to make 2024 your most successful year yet.

Day 2 - Ignite Your Vision

Solidify your vision with a step-by-step plan from Coach P.  Connect your ideas to your dollars & set a clear path for achieving your goals.

Day 3 -  The Magic is in Your Marketing

Coach P reveals a 3-step marketing system to meet your goals and attract ideal clients NOW!

Unlock The Ability To Distinguish Yourself From The Competition

Release the Frustration of navigating without a clear business plan


Get rid of the Overwhelm of reaching your ideal clients without a clear strategy

Reclaim Your Time by bypassing the challenges of figuring out how to monetize your coaching business.

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By The End, You'll Emerge With:

A Robust Foundation for Your Business - Equip yourself with essential tools to craft a comprehensive business plan and establish resilient systems and structures that are tailored to elevate your coaching business.

A Proven Method to Stay Focused - Develop proficiency in effective and efficient strategies that not only guide you onto the right path but also ensure you remain consistently focused, enabling you to navigate challenges with ease.

Marketing and Sales Mastery for Client Growth - Gain expertise in the art of marketing and selling your coaching services, acquiring the skills needed to expand your client base and establish a strong presence in your niche.

Margi Kyle

It makes you take time to see where you are in your journey and where you need to be going- focus on growing, learning and developing a better ME.

Donnica Dunlap

I've participated in many webinars to obtain clarity and structure in my business...This has been by far the best session. Being detailed and obtaining a clear structure is an essential foundation for business and life. It's all about the details and being focused. When the student is ready the teacher appears...My teacher is here.

Tancier Baker

Pamela Lue-Hing’s approach and guidance has helped me create and build my brand and business with step-by-step instruction. Her unwavering support and encouragement have been invaluable. I had already begun my business but Pam helped me put things in reverse for a moment, showed me how to put things in a practical order and in the proper perspective. 

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Focus On Your Core in 2024 Reset Challenge
Focus On Your Core in 2024 Reset Challenge
Multiple Dates
Feb 27, 2024, 7:00 PM EST – Feb 29, 2024, 8:00 PM EST
Online via Zoom
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