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Pamela Luehing owner of Powerhouse Coach in motion
See How Women Coaches Package Their Brilliance & Attract Their Ideal Clients with Ease

Using A Proven System to...

“LAUNCH READY” in Just 90 Days


I have to share this with you

My Systems are NOW in place and WORKING…thanks to COACH P LISTENING to my business goals, DISCUSSING a strategy, ADVISING how to implement the plan and FOLLOWING UP to make me accountable and understand how the new strategies will help my business grow…these consistent and attainable steps of connection with Coach P were results-oriented!!

Lashunda M of 1st Impression Coaching
Lashaunda M - Charlotte N.C
Style & Image Consulting | LM3 | 1st Impression Coaching

You read that last part, right?

She achieved better results with the right systems in place and I am going to help you do the same.

Tell Me

How would it feel to...

  1. Have access to a range of solutions that can help you take your coaching practice to the next level? 

  2. Have someone who advocates and holds you accountable to make sure you and your business win?

  3. Be a part of a growing community of like-minded individuals who can connect with, ask questions, receive support and encouragement from?

  4. Receive a vast number of tools, resources and strategies you need to see real progress and growth in your business?

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Black middle aged woman typing on laptop

Without having to worry about...

  1. Creating your brand and website 

  2. Figuring out who your ideal client is and where to find them.

  3. Creating a system for your online business and implementing it. 

  4. Building out your business operations alone. 

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Introducing the...
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Coach With Confidence Online Academy.

What’s Included in Coach with Confidence Program:


Step 1: Package Your Brilliance & Write Your Story
Step 2: Learn the Art of Coaching
Step 3: Client Connection & Mastery
Step 4: Create Your Signature Program or Product
Step 5: Develop Your Systems, Operations & Procedures
Step 6: Get Ready to Brand, Market & Sell to Success

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Program Outline

Week 1 Training: Package Your Brilliance & Write Your Story
Week 2 Implementation: Unpack your life, experiences, expertise to package your gifts
Week 3 Training: Coaching 101
Week 4 Implementation: Techniques, Tools, Tips, and the Foundation of Coaching
Week 5 Training: Client Mastery & Connection
Week 6 Implementation: Learn How to Identify, Connect With, and Transform Your Clients
Week 7 Training: Build your Programs | Pricing | Structure
Week 8 Implementation: Create Your Signature Program or Product
Week 9 Training: Build Coach Plan of Action
Week 10 Implementation: Create Systems, Operations & Procedures
Week 11 Training: Get Ready to Brand, Market & Sell to Success
Week 12 Implementation: Create your brand, design your marketing strategy & learn how to close the sale
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"Coach P, I have participated in programs before, but what makes yours a stand out is that you care about your clients. Your attention to detail, patience and empathy coupled with your professionalism confirmed that I had signed up for the right coach. I left your Coach with Confidence Online Program with the tools needed to launch my coaching program. I left knowing that I was going to be successful!"

Zaundra Wimberley - Career Transition Coach
Author of Bossed to Boss: It's Never too Late to Claim your Dreams & Live in Purpose
Let's Recap

Here's what you get when you join:

Build Your Business
  • Coaching 101:  How to Build, Run & Grow a Coaching Business

  • Package Your Brilliance & Expertise

  • Identify Your Ideal Client

  • Scripts for Effective Coaching Methods & Techniques

  • Create Your Premium Program, Pricing, Structure & Business Model

  • Learn Social Media Tools and Best Practices

Build Your Brand
  • 24 Hour Email Support

  • Full Social Media/Branding Audit

  • Custom Content Schedule

  • IG Highlight Cover Design

  • Social Media Bio Refresh

  • 10 Posts

  • Premium Photo Editing

  • Custom Canva Posts + Story Templates

  • Hashtag Guide

Build Your Presence
  • Professional design and engaging copy

  • Full CRM integrations

  • Bog/vlog page

  • Social media integrations

  • About page

  • Contact page

  • Home page

  • Ongoing site support and updates

  • High conversion copy framework

  • Hosting included for the first year

  • You have 100% Ownership of your Website

Build Your Audience
  • 1 Lead Generation Funnel (Lead Capture for Initial Conversation)

  • 1 Lead Capture Landing Page

  • 5 Email Templates to Nurture your New Leads and Lead them to Schedule a Conversation

  • 2 Calls with Automation Expert to Train on your New Funnel

  • Visual M.A.P of your Entire Marketing Automation

  • Video Recording Showing How to Use the Funnel

Plus these bonuses $$$

  • Lifetime access to the private FB Coach with Confidence Campus

  • Accountability Partners

  • Unlimited Email Support

  • Pre-Course Orientation & Prep Session

  • Coach with Confidence Program Training Materials

  • Roleplaying, Support, Feedback, Engagement & Prayers

  • Tons of Resources & so much more…

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For years I wondered what I was supposed to do with all the gifts and talents God blessed me with. Though I've been successful, to me it all seemed so scattered and disjointed. Over the course of this year, and most importantly during the intensive Coaching with Confidence program, Coach P has guided me in taking the gifts God has graciously given, wrapping them in a beautiful package and presenting them excellently. I cannot thank her enough. Her personality, her persistence, and her Coaching with Confidence program are worth more than you could imagine or pay. Do it now! Don't hesitate!

Testimonial Elder Gwen.jpg
Elder Gwen

Get Ready To Build Your Business, Package Your Brilliance & Attract Your Ideal Clients with Ease

  • What is the Powerhouse Coach in Motion Movement?
    The Powerhouse Coach in Motion Movement is all about being educated, equipped and empowered to live life full out and packaging brilliance, gifts and core values to help transform and serve those we are called to serve. A Powerhouse Coach in Motion Builds Her Dreams. A Powerhouse Coach in Motion Moves On Purpose. A Powerhouse Coach in Motion Creates Her Successes. A Powerhouse Coach in Motion Plans Her Life & Gives Life to Her Plans. In the Powerhouse Coach in Motion Movement, you will take your gifts and your passions and make your purpose come to life as a Coach, Speaker and Author!
  • What makes you different from other coaches?
    In addition to learning how to find your voice, tell your story and package and sell your products and services; we empower you holistically and help build your confidence while guiding you through personal, coach, entrepreneurship and leadership development. You have the assurance of working with a power-packed team that provides support in helping you move in your purpose while bringing your vision to life. In essence, we help you discover and create a better you in the process. Our team becomes an extension of you and your vision. We value integrity and excellence and focus on purpose-driven impact and transformation while providing phenomenal client experiences. You will have a coach and team that cares about your vision. We firmly believe our client's success is our success.
  • As a new coach, how can you help me?
    After 12 years of coaching, the one thing I’m really, really clear about is….building a coaching business online is not for the faint of heart: Trying to figure out your niche and target audience; learn how to tell your story with impact; build systems and processes that work; market & sell your products and services; create transformation in clients and yes, how to get and keep clients…and the list goes, right? These are just some of the greatest stumbling blocks for a new coach. I have prayed, had many sleepless nights, spent thousands of dollars and cried many a tear trying to figure out how to navigate and build my coaching business in this online space. I finally figured it out and you get to benefit from my hard work. In short, you will learn to fully embrace your God-given purpose and build your confidence as a coach, entrepreneur., and leader. We help take YOU and your life to the next level. You will package your brilliance and learn the right tools, techniques, systems, and processes to create a business that soars and attracts your ideal clients with ease. If you want an easier road to travel in building your coaching business and all the support you need along the way….You are in the right place at the right time!
  • What is a Breakthrough Call?
    This is a FREE opportunity for you and I to meet, learn more about you, uncover your greatest needs, and talk about what it's going to take to get you to the next level. We will get to know each other and I get to clearly understand where you are and where you want to be. During many of these sessions, valuable nuggets are given that can be implemented right away. The 45-minute meeting is held via Zoom.
  • How can I really be a successful coach?
    Success is relative and depends on how you define it. However, in order to monetize and scale your business, you must truly understand who your ideal client is and their greatest pain points. Then you must have the solution, structures, systems, tools, techniques, and strategies to attract and retain your ideal clients with ease. This is what we help you create.
  • What is the investment?
    Prices vary based on 1 on 1 coaching sessions vs. group coaching. We also offer other products and services designed with you in mind. The best way to see what best suits your needs is to schedule your Breakthrough Call today.
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Pamela Luehing in white outfit
Meet your Coach

Pamela Lue-Hing

Hey there, I am Coach P. As a certified Christian Life Coach for almost 10 years, I educate, equip and empower women who are in the brand new 3 year stages as life and business coaches and entrepreneurs. My clients move from overwhelm to confident as they clarify their vision, package their brilliance, and create a business they love and a life God is calling them to live.

The women whom I am called to serve experience a well-rounded approach to building their coaching practice and serving their clients with clarity, confidence and power-packed transformations. They create a life and business that not only makes an impact but brings them cash$$.

I am a professional speaker with a BA in Communications/Public Relations and the author of 5 publications: Pink Slip to Powerhouse: 12 Steps to Next four book series and the Powerhouse Woman in Motion Ultimate Planning System for your Life & Business.

In addition to being a master coach, I have 40 years in Sales and entrepreneurship, 25 years in Strategic Planning and training and development and 10 years as a Sales Director with Mary Kay Cosmetics, Inc. As a certified DISC trainer, I help coaches up level their communication skills and connect more authentically with their clients. My no-nonsense, results-driven approach is what my clients’ value. My online courses, group and one-on-one premier coaching programs, workshops, and masterclass intensives are what take them to their next level.

I have two wonderful adult children and I am the caretaker for my beautiful mom. If you are ready to roll up your sleeves and go to work, the Coach with Confidence Online Course is for you! Let’s get to work so you can be LAUNCH READY!!!

Now's The Time

Become the Powerhouse Coach you Were Destined To Be

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